Floor Details

Location: Sheraton Hotel & Towers 301 East North Water Street Chicago IL
Building Main Floor First Floor
LabMethod EPA: 600/R-93-116 PhotoURL
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List of Spaces / Rooms for Floor: First Floor

Space Num Space Space Space Type Last Rennovated Square Feet
Stair-101 Stair-101 North Stairwell Stairs
Room-192 Room-192 North Conference Room Conference Room
Room-105A Room-105A North side of stairwell Room
Hall C-103 Hall C-103 Hall inside Hall C-101 Corridor Hall
Lobby-101 Lobby-101 Main Lobby Lobby
Room-122 Room-122 Conference room south of Hall C-103 Conference Room
Room-126 Room-126 Conference Room 126 Conference Room
Stair-104 Stair-104 South stairwell Stairs

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