Sample Layers

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Each Sample Layer has a different Material. There can be multiple materials per sample sent to the Lab.
A Lab Number lists Layer on the report, where each layer has a different Material Type and/or Asbestos Type
Reference: Peter Stott Center_ Survey for Asbestos_PJ5587
Space Sample Layer ID Material Type Sample Type % Texture Color
Sample Stair-101 PSC-01-FT 1 Floor Backing Not Detected 5 % Grooved Black
Sample Room-192 PSC-03-CT 2 Ceiling Tiles and Lay-in Panels Not Detected 2 % Smooth Brown
Sample Room-105A PSC-05-DST 3 Cove Base Mastic Not Detected 60 % Smooth White
Sample Hall C-103 PSC-08-CTX 4 Ceiling Plaster Brown Coat Not Detected 3 % Rough Beige
Sample Hall C-103 PSC-08-CTX 5 Ceiling Plaster Brown Coat Not Detected 0 % Rough Beige
Sample Lobby-101 PSC-17-TSI 6 Pipe Insulation (Corrugated Air-Cell, Block, etc.) Chrysotile 2 % NA Gray
Sample Lobby-101 PSC-17-TSI 7 Pipe Insulation (Corrugated Air-Cell, Block, etc.) Not Detected 3 % NA Gray
Sample Room-122 PSC-02-CB 8 Cooling Towers Crocidolite 20 % Rough Maroon